The ‘METASQUARE’ regular K-12 curriculum provides the following services. ptitude and career paths to create the world’s largest school in the metaverse.
Education for fostering human resources that make up the society gain unique value through the perpetuity of environmental and cultural heritages. In order to maintain and inherit the single identity of the past, and to create a quantum jump, it is important to combine and converge services and technologies. Environmental and cultural heritages should be enjoyed by everyone and not just a single country, era or person. By at least making its existence known and providing a platform, or society, like a living organism through succession and preservation, it will become a valuable asset that everyone can enjoy and conserve. Also, if heritage is a part of a culture that is truly valued, it should be more actively discovered and enjoyed by a large number of the public. Therefore, it is very meaningful to provide a platform where not only users of that country but the whole world can meet and learn together happily. This has the potential to form a more ideal society and grow into the ‘METASQUARE’ platform through recreation and preservation. In regards to this, EAC PLATFORM PTE. LTD. plans to launch out-of-school cultural education services through partnerships on contents such as beatbox that is a representative underground culture, outstanding traditional cultures of Korea, and pop culture contents. (See appendix for detailed contents)

MOU with President of Seoul branch of Korea Traditional Culture&Art Master

Partnership Agreement with Korea JANG(traditional source) Master


As of 2021, hip-hop culture in Korea is positioned as one of the mainstream genres in the Korean pop music industry. In addition, beatbox has high propagation power because anyone in the world can create music and can easily empathize with it in the sense that there is no language restriction. As a result, beatbox, which was considered a subgenre of rap and part of hip-hop culture, became a new mainstream musical genre as various genres including not only hip-hop but also drum and base, electro, etc. are expressed in beatbox, and as the battle culture of beatbox flourished. Accordingly, we signed a business agreement with CBK Co., Ltd., the main sponsor of 'BEATBOX TO WORLD LIVE', a world competition for beatbox, and decided to jointly develop the metaverse education for beatbox (‘Beatbox Metaverse’). Beatbox Metaverse provides customized training in the metaverse according to the difficulty level, which consists of 5 levels ranging from basic to advanced skills for each beatbox genre. - Video training directly planned and produced by the top-notch beatboxers (Masters) in Korea and abroad - Auto Lip Sync Training - Acousitic Analysis by AI Evaluation - Beat Boxer Rally


We plan to create a platform where people around the world can learn and enjoy K-dance in an easy and fun way while protecting the copyrights of the choreographer's creations (dance routines) so that excellent and creative K-dance can continue as a culture loved for a long time. K-Dance Metaverse provides training for general users who are interested in K-Dance and professional dancers, from K-POP broadcast dance to street dance including hip-hop, house, poppin, krump, and waking. In this regard, EAC PLATFORM PTE. LTD. plans to deliver realistic classes and evaluations within the metaverse based on a systematic curriculum by signing a business agreement with the best professional dancers in service (Masters), including the cast of Swoopa. - Provision of choreography (dance routine) videos of the top-notch professional dancers in service - Video training based on a systematic curriculum - Metaverse rhythm dance game for learning dance routines - AI motion-recognition dance game for accuracy of dance learning - Provision of feedback from Masters on user videos and evaluation of the accuracy of AI motion recognition

K-Master (Traditional K-Culture)

Traditional culture and art is just an old concept that is very familiar to natives, however it is new and mysterious to foreigners. Now, K-Culture is not only recognized for its outstanding unique characteristics and individuality, but also has commercial and global competitiveness. Therefore, we intend to move the stage to a metaverse that can deliver our traditional culture and art content to people all over the world beyond the limits of the two-dimensional world for the purpose of spreading the content of our traditional culture and arts widely both domestically and overseas. In K-Master Metaverse, we plan to build a system where renowned Korean masters conduct traditional handicraft classes within the metaverse, and users can create handicraft creations both online and offline. - Explaining the techniques of masters of Korean art and culture and providing video training on the production process - Creating modern objects using traditional techniques - Results produced through 3D modeling - Planning to proivde real-model making kits


K-Pop Metaverse will provide an environment where any user interested in K-Pop can receive personalized vocal training and evaluations. - Curriculums designed by former/current singers and K-POP professional vocal trainers (Masters) - Theories and practical training videos that enhance understanding of music - AI recommended songs according to gender, age, note, and personal preference - AI evaluation and analysis of tempo, rhythm, and note - Learning Korean through music videos